ViUR is a free software development framework for the Google App Engine™.

ViUR – the Information System for the Google App Engine™ platform - is a software development framework for designers and developers. It provides a clear concept for implementing agile data management software and is written in the Python™ programming language.


  • Cloud based! Built for the Google App Engine™.
  • Written in the Python™ Programming Language.
  • Provides a flexible and consistent API and SDK.
  • Uses well understood concepts, like MVC.
  • Provides lots of customizable modules.
  • Build-in multi-language support.
  • Auto-generated user interfaces and data management facilities.
  • Fast - Rapid prototyping and agile support.
  • Scalable - Build complex solutions with a small set of components.
  • Flexible - Prepared for different output formats (HTML5, XML, JSON, PDF, etc.)
  • Secure - ViUR protects private data by design!
  • Easy to use - User centric and user friendly interface (PostCMS).
  • Content centric - Adapt to your needs, not the other way around.
  • Open - ViUR is entirely released to the Open Source Community.
Get started


ViUR is an open-source project, thus, welcoming contributions.
If you are interested you may:

Fork ViUR on Bitbucket and submit pull-request with your modifications.
Follow ViUR on Twitter and ask any question.
Join the Google User Group to discuss the future of ViUR.

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ViUR is released and distributed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Learn more …