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ViUR 2.1 is here!

Last week, ViUR server was released in version 2.1, and yesterday the vi followed.

There are a bunch of new features made available, the most obvious ones are:


  • New edit form templates following the ViUR ignite standard
  • Pass the error description of HTTPException to the underlying webob framework
  • ignore/hide parameter to our renderEditForm jinja2 function
  • New parameter "params" to explicitly pass additional values to the template / json response
  • Retrieving the viewSkel Structure by calling modulePath/view/structure
  • __iter__ function to skeletons
  • embedSvg function to html render
  • onLogout hook to the user module
  • Expose the unique property in skel-structures in json render
  • viur.emailHandler config variable for easy integration of 3rd party email services


  • Made ViUR logics permanently available as a Beta feature. Logics can be used for dynamic mask behaviors by providing test expressions that influence bone readonly/visibility states. Check out the README in ViUR/logics for more information and examples.
  • Generally refactored all supported bones to provide a consistent API (bone.serializeForPost(), bone.serializeForDocument(), and much more)
  • Extended bones and modules to context-features, which allow to pass context-dependent parameters through to filters, query and add/edit actions and modify application behavior this way.
  • Revised login process that allows to display custom masks (e.g. password changing dialog) within the login process.

An updated setup.py with a nice, new base project is also available now!

ViUR Sprint 2017 html-parser for html5 (PyJS)