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ViUR is made for agile software development. It is a framework built for the Google App Engine™ platform. ViUR is written in Python and its open source. Therefore, a steady development and rapid prototyping is possible.

On this page you can find a short description on all modules of the ViUR framework and its satellite projects. Packages ready to start can be obtained from the download section.

Feel free to visit our community site in case you are actively interested in hacking.



The object-oriented core component of ViUR is the base for all individual projects. It allows to implement data models and their relations and interfaces on a standardized MVC-pattern with universal access facilities.

Different renders link various devices, programs and platforms with your preferred communication protocols to our information system – without changing the functional modules.


The web-based administration tool for ViUR manages the data stored within a ViUR information system. With essential plugins, it can be easily customized and extended to particular use-cases and features.

other stuff...

Next to the two basic components presented above, ViUR also provides several other parts, which are all hosted on GitHub.
  • admin is the Qt-based administration interface for ViUR dedicated to power users.
    It provides almost the same functionality as the vi, but runs fast and natively on a Linux, Mac or Windows client system.
  • base is the basic project template for setting up new ViUR applications.
    It generates the setup.py utility out of itself to quickly setup new ViUR projects, or can be used as a versioned project base instantly.
  • control is our "better" Google App Engine launcher that can be used for a better project maintainance.
  • html5 is a library to quickly implement web-applications with Python using the PyJS transpiler.
    The vi makes heavy use of this library, but we also use it for many of our custom projects.
  • icons is the VIUR icon set used by vi and admin together for a consistent, user-friendly interface experience.
  • ignite is the next generation {LESS} framework for designers and developers.
  • logics is a fast, domain-specific, extensible, Python-style formula language. It is used in several of our projects to run and compile conditional expressions, perform custom calculations and do validity checks in any of ViURs runtime contexts, both on the server and the client with equal semantics.
  • vistache is an extensible template engine that is built on top and a part of logics.
    It can be easily embedded and customized.